The Case For Putting the Fun in Funerals

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Advantages To Preplanning Your Funeral

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While it can be somewhat anxiety-producing to think about planning your funeral, there are also numerous benefits. Planning your arrangements can make it easier for your surviving friends and family, but it can also ensure that you pay the best possible rate for these services. If you've been considering preplanning your funeral, consider the following benefits:  

Lock in Your Costs

Setting up arrangements with a funeral home in advance allows you to decide how you'd like things to go and then set up a payment plan. You can then pay off your funeral arrangements in advance, so the cost is locked in at a specific rate. Your surviving relatives won't have to worry about handling any funeral costs on your behalf. You can quickly eliminate a large amount of stress at an already emotional time. 

Reduce Stress in Advance

Making emotional decisions after you've passed away can be stressful for your surviving family members. Preplanning your funeral allows you to make emotionally charged decisions well before you pass so that your family members don't have to speculate about your wishes. You can lower the number of disagreements between family members and reduce overall stress. 

Arrange Things According to Your Wishes

Choosing how you'd like your funeral to go and preplanning the ceremony, burial or cremation, and more allows you to arrange things precisely according to your wishes. You can decide what you'd like the memorial service to look like, right down to what pictures you'd like to use, what music you'd like to play, and who you'd like to officiate. Deciding on these details in advance helps ensure that your family abides by your wishes and clearly understands what you want things to look like without needing to guess. 

Enable Your Survivors to Handle the Arrangements

Preplanning your memorial service enables your surviving family members to handle the arrangements, confident that they're doing what you would have wanted. You'll have documented what you want everything to look like, making it easy for them to follow the instructions you've left behind with the funeral director and the funeral home. You will have paid for everything in advance, so it's as simple as working together and following instructions. 

When you decide to begin the process, reach out to a local funeral home and ask to speak to the funeral director. They'll be happy to advise you as to how to get started.

Contact a local funeral service to learn more.