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What Are The Benefits Of Green Caskets?

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If you're organizing a funeral or pre-planning your own, then you have to choose which kind of casket to use. While traditional materials, like steel and wood, are popular, you can now also use a green casket.

What are green caskets, and what are the advantages of buying them?

What Is a Green Casket?

Green funeral caskets are made from eco-friendly materials such as cardboard, rattan, bamboo, and banana leaves. Typically, these coffins use materials that grow in abundance and that are quickly renewable.

These caskets decompose naturally in the ground. They don't contain any chemicals, paints, veneers, or metals. They are a more natural alternative to traditional casket materials.

Why Buy a Green Casket?

Green caskets are often a good option if you are concerned about protecting the environment. If you spend your life trying not to harm the environment, then you might worry about buying a casket that increases your carbon footprint or that uses up a lot of natural resources

For example, metal and wood caskets aren't good for the environment. You use up a lot of resources to make metal products. They also don't biodegrade in the ground. Even wood has its problems here. It takes years to grow new trees to replace ones that have been harvested.

Plus, these caskets can cause environmental damage as they break down. Chemicals, paints, and varnishes leach into soil and make it less healthy. Toxic fumes can escape into the atmosphere.

Green caskets are much better for the environment. They don't use a lot of manufacturing resources so their carbon footprint is minimal. They also don't use up dwindling stocks of natural resources.

The materials you use here are typically more renewable. For example, plants like bamboo, grow in abundance at a much faster rate than trees. So, any resources you use replenish themselves quickly. You don't have to worry about depleting natural stocks or using up non-renewable resources.

Green caskets also biodegrade quickly and naturally. A casket simply breaks down in the earth. It doesn't contain anything toxic. It won't leave behind materials that sit in the ground permanently because they can't biodegrade.

Green caskets are also a more cost-effective alternative to traditional materials. Metal products are relatively labor-intensive, so their manufacturing process increases their costs. While wood coffins might cost less, they are still relatively expensive.

A green casket made from sustainable materials costs less. These caskets are easier to make and use naturally renewable materials.

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