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Choosing The Perfect Headstone Engraving Options For Your Loved One

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Headstones are an important way to mark the final resting place of a loved one, and the headstone can be an opportunity to give them a final tribute with unique engraving added to the stone. The engraving can be very simple or far more ornate, and with today's technology, the detail that can be added might surprise you.

Selecting a Stone

Headstones are a very personal decision, and if you are picking one for someone you have lost, it is important that you choose something that makes a personal connection. The stone's design and style can be simple, but make sure that you pick one large enough to hold whatever headstone engraving will be added to the stone before it is put in place. 

Often the name and dates of your loved one's life are added to the stone, but if there is a personal message you want to be engraved on the stone, you will need to make sure there is room for it. The headstone engraving company can help with that layout and let you know if there is room on the stone you have chosen for the inscription you would like to see on it. 

The stone material is also something to consider. Often the headstone company will have many different colors of stone to choose from. You can also select a finish for the stone. Some people like a shiny polished look, while others may go with a satin finish and concentrate more on the headstone engraving than the stone finish.

Engraving Images

Pictures and images are becoming a more popular choice for headstone engraving. The images are often very detailed and can be added to the stone using laser etching or engraving that creates a very lifelike image. 

For some people, having the image of their loved one on the stone is nice when they visit the grave, and etching it in means will last a long time, even in bad weather or when elements like the sun beat on it all day. The cost of adding an image is going to vary, depending on the size of the image and the amount of detail in it. Talk to the headstone engraving company about what they can do and how much it adds to the headstone's cost. 

Installing the Stone

Once the stone is cut and engraved, the headstone company will install it for you at the gravesite. The headstone engraving is typically done by the same company that you buy the stone from, and they know the best way to handle the stone so that it is installed correctly and is not damaged during the installation process. 

For more information about headstone engraving, contact a local business.