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3 Ways To Use Music During A Funeral Service

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Funeral homes work with you to plan a personal funeral for family and loved ones. As you work with funeral home services to plan out a memorial, you have a lot of options to use music during the services. Learn three different ways to incorporate music and use the ideas to brainstorm ways to honor your loved one during a funeral service.

1. Looping Soundtracks

Many funeral homes offer sound systems and services to play music through during a wake or memorial service. As guests come to honor the loved one, a looping soundtrack can play significant songs from the person's life. 

For example, you could play the person's wedding song or songs from their favorite band. If the mood is more light and celebratory, then you could also include theme songs from the person's favorite television shows. The songs allow people to remember how music connected them and will help conjure up a lot of memories.

Before the funeral, you can request songs from family members and friends to have a complete list. A funeral home may have multiple ways to play the music, including CDs, MP3 players, or USB drives. 

2. Live Performances

As a dedication to your loved one, a family member or friend may choose to sing during a funeral service. A live performance is a great alternative option to a speech or eulogy. When you set up a live performance, you have multiple options to arrange with a funeral home. For example, you can wait until everyone arrives or arrange for a cycle of repeat performances.

A funeral home may have access to microphones and sound equipment. Setting up a meeting beforehand will help you understand what equipment you need for the performance.

3. Musical Gifts

Spread the person's love of music with musical gifts handed out to each guest at the memorial service. For example, you could order custom USB drives with songs loaded onto the drives. You could also provide burned CDs with mixes on them. 

Many digital services allow you to create custom playlists to share with others. Once you make a playlist, you will receive a custom URL to link directly to the playlist. Arrange to have the link printed on a prayer card or other item you hand out at a funeral home. You could add the playlist link directly to a funeral program. 

With the playlist link, funeral guests have the option to go to the playlist from many devices including phones and laptops.

Use one or more of the options to really incorporate music into the dedication of a loved one. Funeral homes have the resources and experience to help with all your requests and needs.

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