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Above-Ground Burials Are a Pragmatic Choice for Many Reasons

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When you are pre-planning your final arrangements or making accommodations for a loved one that has passed, you will need to select a spot for interment. Many people may have family plots in cemeteries where they plan to have their remains laid to rest; others may elect a green approach, opting for cremation and a scattering of their ashes. Another option exists, which is to be interred above ground, in lots, tombs, or a mausoleum.

Some things to know about an above-ground burial include the following.

Practicality. There are some very practical reasons to bury the deceased above ground, especially if you live in a wet region or an area prone to flooding. If you travel in the heart of Louisiana, you will notice far more above-ground plots and tombs. This is due in part to the high amounts of precipitation and subsequent flooding in this region. This prevents the possibility of remains being disturbed after interment during periods of heavy rainfall.

Exclusivity. Many cemeteries and churches have on-site mausoleums for the remains of parishioners or clergy. It is considered quite an honor to have a space reserved in one of these tombs, though space is subject to availability and likely exclusive to church members in good standing. Also, there are likely costs related to burial and upkeep of the site that could be incurred.

Cremation. Cremation is becoming a more viable option, as it allows for more loved ones and relatives to be interred on a small plot or in a family cemetery. There are also some compelling alternatives to interment, which makes this an intriguing way to honor a distinctive individual that has passed: 

  • Cremated remains can be buried on an existing grave or family plot as long as you don't plan to disturb the vault or remains interred there.
  • Direct cremations are becoming a cost-effective alternative to embalming and full-body burials.
  • Cremated remains can be scattered at sea or on public property without special permits or applications.
  • Cremated remains can be added to ink or paint for memorial tattoos and artwork after a loved one has passed.

Consider whether you would want an above-ground burial included in your final wishes. These may show your dedication to a particular religious denomination or could be a prudent move due to the climate of your region. Talk more about above-ground burials with a funeral director or staff at a place such as Shepherd Funeral Home to garner more information about your funeral and burial options.