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The Dos And Don'ts Of Planning Your Own Cremation Service

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Planning your own cremation service with the help of a funeral home director can be a great act of love for your family. Mourners often struggle to make important decisions in the aftermath of losing a loved one, so making difficult choices for them can take a huge weight off their shoulders during this challenging time. The reality of planning a cremation service is more involved than many people realize at first, but there are some ways that you can make the process easier for yourself and ultimately more beneficial to your loved ones. Here are the dos and don'ts of planning your own cremation service.

Do Inform At Least Two Loved Ones

You never know how life may change between the time you preplan your cremation service and when it happens. (The longer the time difference, the better!) Protect yourself by informing at least two very close loved ones of your final plans. Give them the details of which funeral home you used for preplanning your cremation service. Make sure they know how they can access them and who you want to oversee your cremation service.

Don't Leave Things Vague

One of the benefits of planning your cremation service is that it does eliminate stress and responsibility from mourners. However, if you leave things vague in your cremation service plans, that can leave loved ones straining to decide what you wanted as though you hadn't made the plans at all. Be as specific as possible, keeping in mind that you shouldn't make demands that are likely to be too hard for them to deliver.

Do Choose Your Own Music

It's not all about selecting a final resting place for your ashes. You also want to plan the aspects of your cremation service that will help loved ones connect with the real you.  Choose the music that you want played at your memorial service. Select both songs that reflect who you are and tunes that will trigger lovely memories of times your loved ones shared with you. You may also pick music that sends a message that you want your loved ones to hear at this painful time.

Finally, keep in mind that a cremation service will be the last chance for your loved ones to formally honor your memory, but it won't be the last time that they do things in your honor. You don't have to worry about the service being a final good-bye, but the simple and complex choices that you make about the cremation service can let them know that you were loving and thinking of them with your final plans. That can go a long way to remind them of how much you loved them along with the great memories of you that they will continue to carry. For more information or assistance, contact establishments like Maham Funeral Home.