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Graveside Memorial Ideas That Are Unique And Meaningful

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Leave something behind to honor your loved one when visiting their resting place. There are some signs of significance that you can leave at a grave or interment site that pays homage to the deceased, and that has an underlying meaning.

Some memorials for your loved one's resting place are:

A cairn. After flowers, stones and rocks are the most popular items left on gravesites. This stems from Jewish tradition and leaving rocks behind on graves is believed to help keep the soul down after burial. A cairn is basically a stack of rocks, creating a statue or tower, which is often popular because of its simplicity.

A labyrinth. The intricate and intentional design of a circular labyrinth is representative of a purposeful path in life and a sense of wholeness. This seems to be a fitting way to pay tribute to someone that has passed. A gravesite labyrinth may be constructed from stones, crystals, shells, or marbles, creating a circular maze that begins in the center and that extends over the burial site.

A coin. In Greek mythology, coins were left on graves to provide the deceased with the fee required to enter the afterlife. The alternative is to wander the earth aimlessly after death. This has evolved into a military tradition where certain coins represent different connections to the deceased, such as fellow platoon-members, veterans of the same war, or members of the same branch.

A seashell. If you ever visit cemeteries, you may see that some graves have seashells placed nearby. Loose shells are often put near a grave or plot to remind others that someone dear is buried there and that they continue to be honored and missed by those left behind. This is particularly prevalent in coastal regions, where many may make their living from the sea.

Crystals. It is customary in many religions and faiths to leave a visitation stone at the grave of a loved one when paying your respects. This may be a simple rock, or a beautiful crystal with other metaphysical properties. Some examples of common crystals that can mean something special are:

  • Quartz comes in many colors and represents protection.
  • Amethyst is found widely in the US and it symbolizes peace.
  • Tourmaline is a dark and fiery crystal that indicates channeling. It also signifies happiness.

There are many ways to pay tribute and honor someone that has passed when visiting their final resting place. Consider these suggestions for a meaningful way to show others that your loved one is missed and loved. For more permanent memorials, talk with funeral directors or companies like McGee Monuments about markers or headstones.