The Case For Putting the Fun in Funerals

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Four Ways To Honor A Loved One's Memory At A Funeral

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Planning a funeral can mean more than selecting the prayers and hymns, inviting a minister to lead the service, and selecting a casket for your loved one. There are many ways you can cherish your loved one's memory during the funeral and after. Here are just a few unique ways you can add a personal touch to your loved one's funeral while honoring his or her legacy.

Create A Family Cookbook

Ask friends and relatives about their favorite foods your loved one prepared over the years, and collect all of the recipes in the days leading up to the funeral. Enlist the help of some friends and prepare some of the recipes for the funeral luncheon, and have your local printer put the recipes together in a family cookbook. You can have the cookbooks available to pass out on the day of the funeral, or you can mail them to the people who sign the guestbook.

Have A Family Story Guestbook

Instead of asking people to simply sign that they were present at the funeral or wake, invite them to write down a treasured memory in a guestbook. To give everyone a chance to write their memories, it may be a good idea to have several books available. Collect the books at the end of the viewing, and select a few of your favorites to read out loud at the funeral service. You can ask people if they prefer to read their own stories, or if your visitors prefer, you can have the person leading the funeral service read the stories instead.

Add A Stop On The Funeral Procession Route

Some funeral processions take a drive past the deceased's home. You can incorporate the spirit of this tradition by planning a special stop along he funeral procession route. You may choose to drive by a favorite park or even a favorite restaurant as a way to say goodbye to your loved one and the things he or she held dear. Be sure to discuss this with your funeral director, as you may need to get permission to take your funeral procession to certain locations.

Ask Everyone To Make A Donation

While making monetary donations is an option some people choose in lieu of flowers, you can take this idea one step further by asking people to bring in a physical item that can be donated on behalf of your loved one. This could be a food or coat drive, or you can host a toy drive for the holidays. Using this idea is just one way that you can make something positive happen in your loved one's honor. Talk to your funeral director about other options for creating a touching way to honor your loved one's memory. Your director may have some ideas that other clients have used that you can borrow to make your loved one's funeral a touching tribute. 

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