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Ways Grief Counseling Can Help You Feel Closer To Your Lost Loved One

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After someone passes away, you may come face to face with some bad memories of them. Nobody wants to think negatively about the deceased, but that can be inevitable. Whether the bad memories were caused by your loved one a bystander, these bad memories can quickly lead to resentment. In grief counseling, you can deal with the trauma. Nothing is off-limits. You can even delve into dealing with trauma from early childhood. As you process the pain of the past and integrate it into your life, you free yourself up to let go of resentments, too, which can help you embrace the memories of your loved ones in all their positivity and negativity.

When You Are Proactive About Healing, You Can Embrace the Love Fully

When you show up to counseling for yourself and work hard for your own healing, you can more fully show up for those you love. Although the deceased person is no longer an active presence in your life, you can more fully love them along with your living loved ones. The healing journey is not one that just happens if you remain stagnant. You need to show up for therapy sessions at least once per week and do the work with your therapist on healing in order to embrace yourself and others more fully.

You Can Only Meet Someone as Deeply as You Have Understood Yourself

It's said that you cannot let anyone get close to yourself if you don't even know yourself. After all, how can someone feel close to you when you haven't even explored what you are all about? Grief counseling can serve to help you dig deeper into who you are and why you do the things that you do. The more you understand yourself, the more you can understand others. You may discover a deeper understanding of the deceased person that you ever had before, and in that way, you may feel closer to them than ever.

Finally, keep in mind that it is okay to feel any way that you are feeling throughout the grieving process. The stages of grief unfold at a different pace for everyone, and you may find that your own personal journey is layered with emotions that you never felt before. Showing up each week for therapy can help you continue on the right path and make smarter choices that can ultimately help you feel as close to your loved one as you can.

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