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Planning The Opening Remarks Of A Funeral: Essential Things You Must Consider

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The opening remarks of a funeral set the tone for the entire memorial service. They can soothe at least a bit of the pain of fellow mourners and draw people's attention towards the celebration of a life well lived. Here are some of the essential things that you should include within the opening remarks of the funeral.

Consider Prioritizing the Feelings of Mourners

It is said that people never forget how you make them feel even after the other details of a memory fade. Keep in mind that, as you are delivering open remarks, you can either make grieving people feel worse or you can provide solace in their time of mourning. With every word say in the opening remarks, try to empathize and imagine how the words may make others feel.

Consider Expressing Remembrances

If you knew the deceased person, you may want to include a couple of your own memories in your open remarks. Since this is not the eulogy, you don't want to focus the entire opening remarks on reminiscing, but this would be a great time to draw attention to a few special memories that capture something significant about the deceased person.

Consider Acknowledging the People Who Couldn't Come

No matter how beloved someone is, there are likely to be people who simply cannot attend a funeral. Sometimes deaths are sudden, and sometimes life is too complicated to allow people the time to travel for a memorial service. No matter what the cause may be, consider acknowledging the names of special loved ones who wanted to attend the funeral but could not.

Consider Speaking on Behalf of the Family

Talk to the family before the funeral to see whether they want you to say anything to the crowd on their behalf. Some families may be so bereft that no members of the family stand up and say anything during the funeral. If the family would like you to speak for them, let them lead the way and provide you with specific ideas. You may read a simple statement that they provide for you to say on their behalf.

Consider Expressing Gratitude

In the opening statements at a funeral, you may also want to express gratitude to a variety of people. If any caregivers were helpful or important to the deceased person during an illness, you may acknowledge them, especially if they are in attendance. You may also thank people who were very important to the person who passed away or otherwise thank people who have stepped up to be there for the family.

Finally, keep in mind that the funeral is the last chance for the deceased person to be celebrated in a formal manner. In a way, it can be like their last word to others. When you stand up to make your opening remarks at a funeral, that is your chance to honor their memory and help their other loved ones handle their grief. For more tips, contact a company like Taylor Funeral Home.