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4 Things You Need To Convey On A Gravestone

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When you are faced with the death of a loved one, the pain can be overwhelming, and it can seem unfair that this is the time when you are called to make a variety of decisions about the person's burial, headstone marker, and funeral. Memorial grave markers can seem like the most intimidating part of the process, since you know that this will be a visible, permanent way of memorializing the deceased person. It is what strangers will see when they visit the cemetery, and it may be what relatives assess and judge. Don't worry. It is easier to make easy choices about the gravestone when you consider what exactly what want to convey about the deceased person. Consider these four things before making any choices about the memorial grave marker.

Consider Who the Person Was

It can be difficult to really understand who a person is. No matter well you knew and loved the deceased person, there are inevitably parts of their life that you couldn't imagine. What matters when it comes to the things that are placed on a gravestone are simple, though. Convey the basics of who the person was. You need to establish the dates of birth and death. That establishes the time period that the person lived in. They are much more than that, though. Consider the roles that the person played to be sure that their priorities are reflected on the grave marker. For example, if the person loved being a parent, that may be the first role that is mentioned on the gravestone.

Consider How the Person Lived Their Life

You also need to pay close attention to how the person lived their life. If they were about modest living and adherence to religious principles, you may choose to include a Bible verse on their memorial grave marker. That is a great way of telling the world that their faith was important. On the other hand, if the person was most concerned with having a good time, that doesn't mean that you are saying anything negative about them to include a quote about living life to the fullest.

Consider What the Person Would Want to Say

Perhaps the most important consideration is what the deceased person would want to say to the world. To best honor their memory, take your time in trying to step into their shoes. Imagine what they would want as their last real statement to the world. Try to capture that. For example, if the person would like the world to know that they valued the art, you may include a line about their artistic accomplishments. You may also then choose a quote about how others should follow their dreams.

Finally, keep in mind that the choices you make for memorial grave markers should simply be the ones that feel the best to you. You don't have to worry about seeking approval from others unless you value someone's opinion and want to seek it. Trust yourself to choose a gravestone that would honor your loved one and make them proud. For assistance, talk to a professional like An Thiel Monuments.