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3 Questions You Should Ask When Preparing A Funeral Service

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Funeral planning can be stressful for some. Not because planning a funeral is especially difficult, but because the circumstances surrounding a funeral can be difficult. Not only is the family in mourning, but they also have to take care of a major event. This is why pre-planning a funeral is a great idea if possible. However, if you can't pre-plan, there are still many things you can do to simplify the process. Here are some simple questions you should ask that can help you plan the funeral.


The first question to ask is what kind of service do you want? There are many different options available, which is why it is best to consider what kind of service is best for this particular situation. For instance, you can have a visitation time where close family and friends come and pay their respects to the grieving survivors. You can also have an open casket during this time. You can have a wake, or forgo a pre-service if that is not something you are comfortable with.

Instead of doing a full funeral, you can do a memorial service, or just something at the burial or cremation site. The first thing that you need to decide is what kind of services you want to include in the funeral.


Second, you need to ask yourself where the services will be held. If you choose to do just a small memorial, you might be able to do it right at the cemetery where the burial will be held, or at someone's house. If you are doing something large, you may need to use the funeral home, a church, or another large facility for it. It may be hard to get certain venues, which is why you need to plan the venue as soon as the death occurs so that you can ensure that you get a facility.


Lastly, you should ask yourself who will be involved in the service? Who will be speaking, who will be pallbearers, who will conduct and preside over the meeting and who will do anything else pertaining to the program? Additionally, who would you like to attend the funeral? Do you only want it to be close family and friends, so only a small group will be invited? Or do you want to invite everyone in the community and have it be an open invitation? These sorts of questions will help you to choose the venue, and give grieving loved ones time to prepare for their participation.

By asking yourself these questions you can better prepare for funeral services.