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Erecting A Family Mausoleum: How These Funeral Arrangements Work

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Making or pre-planning funeral arrangements are not as difficult as you might think. However, if you are planning some type of above-ground "burial," such as a mausoleum, you need to plan far in advance. This is because you need to give the cemetery time to build the mausoleum. If you also plan to have a private family mausoleum rather than be entombed in a community mausoleum with dozens of people who are not family, then you need to get started sooner rather than later. Here is how pre-arranging your funeral by constructing a family mausoleum works.

Find the Cemetery That Will Allow Mausoleum Construction

This may come as a surprise, but not all graveyards allow private/family mausoleums. In fact, many of the older and almost full cemeteries will turn you away if the remaining land for burial plots is limited and the cemetery does not want any construction on the remaining plots. Thankfully, there is a way you can search for cemeteries and graveyards in your area that are currently allowing family mausoleum construction. 

Buy At Least Four Adjoining Plots or a Specifically-Designated Mausoleum Spot

With the way that cemeteries and graveyards operate, you may be required to buy at least four adjoining plots or a large plot specifically designated for mausoleum construction. The four adjoining plots should be wide enough and/or long enough on which to construct your small, private mausoleum. Spots specifically designated as mausoleum plots mean that the cemetery or graveyard has set these plots aside in limited quantities, and once they are gone, they are gone. Buy your plot (or plots) as soon as you are able to secure the downpayment.

Hire the Mason That Specializes in Mausoleum Construction

A cemetery or graveyard might have a special contract with certain masons and bricklayers in the area. Check with the cemetery office before you hire your own mason. If you are able to hire your own mason, then be sure you hire one that has experience and expertise in mausoleum design and construction. Have him/her begin construction as soon as possible. 

Continue to Make Your Monthly Payments on Your Funeral Arrangements

If you did not buy your funeral plot(s) outright, and/or you have not paid for your family mausoleum in full, continue to make your monthly payments on time. Life is unpredictable, and the less posthumous debt you leave for your loved ones, the better. Additionally, since your departure could be a lot sooner than you expect, it is important to have your funeral arrangements paid up and your mausoleum ready to receive your body or the body of a family member.

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