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Types Of People For Whom Cremation Is A Likely Choice

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Choosing between burial and cremation is one of the funeral-related decisions that you may spend the most time debating with yourself. There are a number of advantages to each approach, which can make it a challenge to decide. Additionally, family members may be attempting to influence your decision based on their preferences. It can be helpful to truly think about yourself during this process, as you might be a certain type of person for which cremation simply makes sense. Here are some people who would be more apt to lean toward being cremated.

Someone Who Doesn't Want A Fuss Made

Many people who don't want others to fuss over them will choose to be cremated. Although a cremated individual can certainly still be honored with a visitation, funeral service, and even a burial of the cremated remains, cremation can often be a lower-key strategy than a full funeral. If you're the type of person who has never enjoyed being the center of attention, you might not feel very comfortable with having your body embalmed and displayed in an open casket at the visitation and funeral. If this sounds like you, cremation can be a better choice.

Someone Who Wants To Leave As Much Money As Possible To Family

Generally, cremation costs less than having your body embalmed and buried. Opting for cremation can be a worthwhile decision if you're the type of person who wants to leave as much of your estate to your family as possible. Whether you've made a lot of money over the years and want to distribute it to your surviving family members, or your available funds are tight and you want your children to get as much as possible, going the cremation route will likely work best for you.

Someone Who Likes The Idea Of Remaining With Family

People have a wide range of beliefs about what happens to their body upon death, but some people are unsettled about the idea of having their body placed in the ground in a cemetery. If you're the type of person who finds this concept a little undesirable, cremation may be a better choice for you. After cremation, your family will receive your remains, which can then be placed in an urn. You can specify in your arrangements that you'd like a certain family member to keep the remains in his or her home. This can make you feel more comfortable, thus making cremation more appealing.

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