The Case For Putting the Fun in Funerals

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Thinking About Not Having A Funeral? Here Are Some Reasons To Reconsider

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As you approach your later years and begin thinking about your will, you might also begin to wonder about having a funeral. While many people wish to be remembered in this manner, others forgo having a funeral service entirely. It's easy to think about not having a funeral because you feel that attending your service would be a hassle for people. If you're leaning toward not having any type of event in your honor, it's useful to understand some reasons that you may wish to reconsider. While you should always do what feels authentic to you, here are some reasons that having a funeral is beneficial.

It Allows People To Experience Closure

Perhaps the most important reason for a funeral to be held in your honor is that it provides closure for those in your life. When you don't have a funeral, it can feel as though you're living one day and dead the next day — and this can be a strange dynamic for people to encounter. Attending a funeral in your honor will reinforce the fact that you have passed away, which can help to provide closure as people find peace with the situation. This is important not only for the members of your family, but also your friends and people in the community with whom you've shared a bond over the years.

It Provides An Opportunity For Your Family To Hear Nice Things About You 

Another benefit of having a funeral is that people who attend can share nice memories about you with your surviving family members. In many cases, these memories, anecdotes, and lessons are things that your family members won't have heard in the past, and this can be a highly enriching experience for them. When you forgo having a funeral in your honor, your family members will simply miss out on this valuable opportunity.

It Offers Support For Your Family

Having a funeral gives members of the community a chance to reach out to your surviving family members to offer support. If you pass away and no funeral is held, it's true that some people will get in touch to offer condolences, but other people may not. The presence of people at the funeral will support your surviving family members, and many of the attendees will take the opportunity to offer further support. This can come in the form of providing a listening ear, offering food, helping deal your personal possessions, and more.

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